Berry açaí bowl

Make the traditional açaí bowl but add banana and strawberries to the pulp

You need (Serves 1)
Two sachets of raw açaí pulp (200g)
A dash of Guarana Syrup (30-50ml) or honey
½ banana
3-4 strawberries

¼ cup of raspberries
¼ cup of blueberries
Coconut or natural yoghurt

Leave the raw açaí pulp sachets out of the freezer for approximately 20 mins. Break it up in the packs, then empty into a blender.

Blend the frozen raw açaí pulp with guarana syrup, half a banana and strawberries until smooth, thick and creamy.

Pour into a bowls, then top with berries, granola and yoghurt. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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