Kids & Açaí

Yes, it’s true... Kids love Açai! For parents, it's a bowl of healthy nutrients for their children; for kids it's a fantastic, tasty treat. Açaí looks like ice cream, it’s fun like ice cream, but has almost no sugar. It's packed full of antioxidants (it has the highest level of any fruit - 2-3 times more than wild blueberries) contains essential fatty acids, protein and wide range of vitamins and minerals from the Amazon soil.

3 years old girl having Açaí in Tauranga

Açaí has taken the world by storm and kids all over the world are enjoying it like the kids in Brazil - where açaí comes from. In Brazil they start having Açaí from a very early age as part of their staple diet as it helps give them energy, boosts their immunity and is great for digestion … and they can’t get enough of it. It’s catching on fast in the States, Hawaii, Australia and now New Zealand.

Check out our range of açaí products here from our raw organic pulp to our ready-to-eat Açaí bottles for on-the-go. It’s great option for kids' breakfast, an afternoon snack or school lunch. And more … Açaí is gluten-free, vegan and organic.


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